Sunday, January 16, 2011

My my, how time flies...

So you're in the zone ladies, making something beautiful, taking photos of your latest work, working out, shopping @dornment on-line at Etsy...what have you. And as soon as that beautiful feeling of accomplishing what makes you feel best for the day flows into you like fresh air, you look around and see the PILES of laundry, lack of dinner, stinky little dog (who may have pee'd in the hallway), and realize that all your time is gone and nothing really got done. (Some of you wives may also dread the oncoming feeling of the "bad wife" stamp ,I too, put on my forehead from time to time.)

But what's a girl to do?!

Who has time for everything?...Most likely no one, but I like to feel like I'm trying my best.

So what are the keys to such success?
I'd guess good time management is probably there on the list.
Of course I assume this much due to my still not mastering the concept. No matter how many organizers, day planners, and task sheets I make.

But perhaps the secret lies in the discipline to carry out your scribbled intentions.

So keep on busy women (and our busy guys too), little by little the list will wear down just in time for the next weeks activities. Till then keep the faith! *and a good attitude*

All my love


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