Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Blue Sea People

I love Etsy, and always will! But there are A LOT of people and A LOTTA crafts on our little site. Sometimes I fear I may end up always being one of those pages that was lost in the sea of new items and renewals...
It can be slow, it can be discouraging, and a bit frustrating. And I do plan to dig my way through the crafts to the top of the happy front page with all it's colors one day. But I guess it comes down to this; I'd rather be a part of a community that encourages handmade, and made with love, and supports it's artists in the most modest and yet amazing ways.
So an ode to Etsy.
No, not a lyrical gem (though I am very capable, that is for another day) but rather my sincere respect and my continuous praise to all I meet.

See you at that billowy treasury list in the sky people!

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