Monday, August 29, 2011

Jet Set Jeweler

Who wouldn't want to be a Jet Set Jeweler? Meetings all over the world about materials, potential buyers, and the shopping potential, the inspiration.....the thought can be overwhelming.
But this post refers to something a bit more modest.
The beader during travels.
I have just returned from vacation. And while packing for my week away I considered many things about my business. I considered how much I had to do, how much potential my craft has, and how badly I wanted to spend most of my time creating.
But this vaycay was different. It was the first my hubby and I have had in some time. So I made a life altering, bone chilling, "I must be losing my mind" decision.

I left my beading at home...

Now do I regret the decision? Yes and no.
I did have many moments I could have filled with a project, but I chose to fill them with time with my family, fun with my husband, or catching up on my reading (I packed a murder mystery with little intention of getting too far, but I couldn't resist the looming need to find the killer!)

And I felt great about myself.
I gave my time to those I love and was able to return home with what I love still waiting on my work bench.

Now a girl like me could never completely abandon her craft. I spent some time gathering shells for earrings and focal beads. And on our first outting I spotted a bead & glass studio that became "the only attraction I wanna see this week"! And once again Handmade prevails! I ended up with a group of women trailing behind me into the domain of Chad & Heather Samson:

Please hit the link above for their site! They are located off Highway 17N for all you Myrtle Beach locals and visitors. 
And did I mention that they are both amazing!!! Lampwork to DIE FOR.

So whether you spend your R&R beading, designing, or just being inspired by the local artists, make sure you have fun, give yourself to those you love, and have no regrets! 

Pictures Of Sea Shells
My love to all!

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