Sunday, October 9, 2011

EBW Challenge!!

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Ok people...Big deal.. I've entered my piece (#37) into the EBW Challenge! Make sure you go to etsy-beadweavers' blog and vote for your favorite piece....

This month's challenge is "Inspired by Picasso"! My teammates came up with some awesome stuff! My piece "Picasso Zorro" is an original drawing by myself. The sketch came about during a drawing exercise I forced some of my co-workers into, called Picasso Dogs. Follow the rules and come out with a creepy little abstract inspired by the genius of Pablo Picasso himself. For the EBW October challange I decided to take one of my favorite sketches and turn it into an embroidered pendant. Art in itself, the Picasso Zorro is crafted of all glass and Swarovski crystal, measuring nearly 2 1/2" inches in diameter. The fox is one of my favorite animals and I am so happy to introduce one into my jewelry for the first time, and in true Picasso style!

So visit the tem blog, pick your fav, and VOTE!


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