Monday, March 19, 2012

Be a Man... or Woman...

Have you ever felt stuck in adulthood? Sometimes I see so many responsibilities in front of me I lose myself a bit.
Isn't it funny how everyone told you to enjoy childhood or enjoy highschool 'cus the real world is no fun... and now we're telling younger people the same thing. And just like we didn't listen, they won't either. It seems it is hard to be happy in your own skin sometimes. Human nature I guess... we've always been a stiff necked people; complainers. I don't blame young people though. We never would've guessed how real it would get. But in the same moment we still hold on to those lofty dreams and perfect moments. Sunshine, blue skies, colorful nature and smiling people.
Maybe all of us should get a massage, loosen that neck and look around.
The things that made you a fresh new mind 5 or 10 years ago are still there to inspire you.
Just wake up and look around.
And don't worry... you're still one of the cool kids.

I'm gonna make some jewelry once this sale is over... the kind I'm wildly inspired by.
And I won't care if you like it... but you will.    ;}

Have a great week everybody!


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