Sunday, August 25, 2013

Re-listing...and re-listing

Etsy is a vast sea of everything crafty. So how does one navigate the constant waves of new items and renewals of thousands and thousands of artists and pieces?

One trick I have seen published by many a successful Etsian is the re-list process. On Etsy you have the option to not only renew an item that has expired but also to renew items active in your shop. This feature can be utilized to keep items from expiring in the first place. Or the same process as the crafty little trick of having a piece pop up for a fleeting moment on Etsy's front page as a fresh item.

It is necessary  to keep in the eye of the daily Etsy browser, and renewing items is the best way to do that in between new items and photo-shoots.

So...   Renew Away!


The Mossy Coral. Mint Green. Mint.

Have an awesome week everybody! -@

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