Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sick Days...

Do you know people who come to work deathly ill?

I do. The super hard workers who work through anything. Raised to believe you go to work everyday unless you've lost a limb. I guess in a lotta ways I admire them. The strength to get it done, whatever it is. That's just their way. But not me. I'm useless if I don't feel well. But I guess jewelry can be made under any circumstance.
My question as a business in baby stage is...where does the line of reasonable time off lie?

Guess it depends on the work. Amount of contact with people during the day, amount of physical activity and so on. When I'm a full time Jewelry girl I'll probably set aside special projects for sick days. Skip out on going to the post office that day (those workers are too important to have to worry about my germies getting on them), no deliveries or anything like it. I think if you are productive that's all you can ask of yourself.
Now for consideration of the readers: Remember that on that day, "Productive" may only mean "Resting".

Kisses and Coughs!!


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